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About our Imam

ImamDr. Amin was appointed as an Imam and Religious guide at Rahma mosque on February of 2016.

He is an assistant Professor of Islamic Studies in English at Al-Azhar University at Cairo, Egypt.

Having memorized the Qur’an from the age of ten he received his primary to Post-Graduate level education at the al-Azhar Institutes and then the prestigious al-Azhar University. He then earned his MPhil and PhD as a special convoy of al-Azhar in Islamic Studies from the University of Birmingham, UK and has traveled extensively around the world talking and lecturing about Islam.

Along with his duties as an Imam and Religious leader he also provides marriage services and family counseling.

Dr. Amin’s khutbas are uploaded every Friday on Facebook and on his Youtube page so stay tuned!

Sh Amin also provides the following services:

E-Fatwas: Please forward your research questions and fatwas to his email (imam@rahmamosque.com) and he will answer them as soon as possible.

Family Counseling: This is a regular walk-in and appointment service delivered daily. Community members can seek help from the Imam regarding issues ranging from family, marriage, business, parental, worship, and challenging daily religious issues.

Weddings: The Imam provides clergy services for marriages by appointments.

Dr. Amin can be reached at  (780) 443 – 3200 ext. 106 or at Imam@rahmamosque.com

His office hours are as follows: He is available for one hour after Zuhr and between Maghrib and Isha every day except Tuesday. If these walk-in hours don’t work, please contact him to book an appointment.

March 18, 2016:  Admonition vs. Reprimand in Our Lives!

  • Terms Explained
  • Prophetic Way of Communicating Admonition
  • Practical Examples from Qur’an and Sunnah and Real Life Situations
  • Steps to Win Hearts and Minds of People

Friday March 11, 2016: Women’s Day

  • A Quick Overview of How the Qur’an Cares about Women
  • A Quick Overview of How the Sunnah Cares about Women: Verbal and Practical Approaches (Daughter, Wife, Mother, Non-Relative)
  • A Woman Correcting the Second Caliph
  • Last Speech of the Prophet Muhammad SAWS
    Every day is Woman’s Day! Thanks to Every Loyal Woman in Our World
  • Supplication (Duaa) in Arabic and English

Previous Khutba's

Friday, March 4, 2016:  Divine Surveillance

  • Meaning of Divine Surveillance (Muraqabat Allah)
  • Divine Vs. Big Brother/State Surveillance and Our Children!
  • Stories from Islamic History to Enhance Allah’s Muraqabah
  • Self-Muraqabah When Alone on FB or UoA-Initiated Chitter!
  • Supplication (Duaa) in Arabic and English