404 MAC – MAC Islamic Centre


The Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) is a religious, educational, social, charitable and non-profit organization. MAC provides services and programs designed to assist in the holistic educational and spiritual development of the Muslim individual and family. A primary tenet of MAC is community involvement and service not only with the Muslim community, but with every community, regardless of faith or background.

MAC’s roots are deeply enshrined in the message of Prophet Mohammad. It’s modern roots can be traced to the vigorous intellectual revivalist effort that took hold in Muslim societies starting in the early twentieth century. This revival aimed at reconciling faith with the challenges of modernity and providing a clear articulation of balance and moderation in understanding Islam. In the Arab world, this revival culminated in the writings of the late Imam Hassan al-Banna. Al-Banna’s core messages of constructive engagement in society, focus on personal and communal empowerment, and organizational development had a deep impact on much of the Muslim world.

MAC is a wholly Canadian organization that operates only in Canada. Although MAC cooperates with many associations for the benefit of its members, communities, and society at large, it has no organizational link or affiliation with other organizations. MAC offers an approach that emphasizes the holistic message of Islam within the context of a pluralistic society and hence, a message that respects all faiths and Canadian institutions, traditions, and values. MAC believes that the personal development of every individual is key to a real and fruitful involvement in the community. It brings a balanced, constructive and engaged understanding of Islam that aims to inspire Muslims in Canada and throughout the world.

Our Vision & Mission

We envision a time when:

  • The prevalent understanding of Islam is one of balance, constructive engagement, and relevance to life.
  • The understanding of Islam and Islamic values are commonplace in Canadian society and Islam and Muslims are not perceived as alien;
  • Muslims are well represented in various aspects of Canadian society including the social, legal, and political circles, as well as the media; and
  • MAC is at the forefront in articulating this vision, developing leadership, mobilizing grassroots, and offering institutional services in the community.

Our mission is to establish an Islamic presence in Canada that is balanced, constructive, an​d integrated, though distinct, in the social fabric and culture of Canada.

Our Methods

The Association firmly believes that the most optimal path forward for the Muslim Community and Islamic work in Canada is through the education, improvement, and training of each individual Muslim, each Muslim family and each local Muslim community. The path of education and self-development is a long and arduous path. Yet, we believe, based on our reading of the life of the Prophet and an understanding of Muslim history, that there is no alternative to this sometimes slow and painstaking endeavor.

The basic unit through which education and self-development takes place is the Usrah (Arabic for family). The Usrah is a small group of individuals who meet regularly and go through a graduated study program. This also include discussions of local issues, charitable events, as well as community challenges and opportunities