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MAC Learn

As Canadian Muslims we are faced with many fundamental but challenging questions on our religion, that at times we don’t have answers to, from our children, friends, and sometimes even strangers. MAC Islamic Center – Rahma Mosque seeks to close that knowledge gap in our community with our brand new series MAC Learn. MAC Learn is a series designed to help cultivate Muslims into effective and balanced leaders by coupling knowledge with action. The series will hold independent weekend seminars every other month with various speakers, covering a wide array of topics from correct worship to earning a living.

Each workshop will include:

  • Friday: Milkshakes with the Sheikh – Informal session to ask questions and enjoy the evening with the Sheikh 
  • Saturday: Lecture – Formal session on MYdentity (as described above)
  • Sunday: Workshop – A workshop to apply what was learned in the lecture and will involve community outreach and charity work.

Upcoming Events

``MYdentity: I Am Canadian`` by Shaykh Navaid Aziz

Feb 26 (Day 1) - Friday Prayer
Feb 28 (Day 3) - MAC Meal Drive