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Queen of Sheba Leadership Club

Queen of Sheba Leadership Club

The goal for this club is to provide a safe learning space for girls to be themselves and establish a strong Muslim identity, one that is community based. The audience consists of different ethnicities, homeschoolers, converts and girls of different practicing level, some wear hijab and some don’t.

Each session starts off with a team building activity, and parent volunteers help with the Qur’an portion in a separate room so that the girls are consistent in their memorization.

Age group: 12-15

When: 3 Fridays from 6:30 – 8:30PM

Cost: $10/month

Location: Den, Rahma Mosque

The curriculum consists of:

  • Tafseer of various Surahs
  • Memorization of Surah Kahf
  • Self-Development principles
  • Study of the biography of inspirational Islamic Personalities
  • Other supplemental material

The club has monthly activities that help to implement what we have learned.

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